Faculties & Staff

Mr. John CHEUNG will take up the role of Founding Principal officially starting from August 2020.  After having graduated from Ottawa University (Kansas, the US), UCL Institute of Education and The University of Hong Kong with a BA and MA Degrees in Educational Psychology as well as Information Technology in Education, he has started his career in the education sector.  John has 20 years of education-related work experience such as teaching, developing materials for an international curriculum and demonstrating pedagogical leadership in various schools of different countries and regions, including ESF schools in Hong Kong.  He also worked as the Principal of International Education Programme (IB) at The Affiliated Foreign Language School of South China Normal University and the Principal of International Leadership of Texas – Guangzhou.  He is very familiar with different curricula.  He has published several papers for fostering the development of international education and various awards were given to recognize his contributions.  Furthermore, he is pleased to share his experience by conducting training sessions for other educators, hosting and delivering speeches as a guest speaker at pedagogical leadership exchange forums.

To achieve the mission of nurturing students to enable them to become future leaders with virtues and talents, we conducted global recruitment to form a dedicated and professional teaching team.  Competent teachers who come from different parts of the world and have rich international education experience have already been recruited.  We are going to hold the same philosophy of education and participate in school work together by facilitating students’learning in a caring environment and allowing them to receive the best instructions and guidance available.  Furthermore, the structure of our school is well-organized that Academic Development Department and Student Development Department are both in place while Department of Local and International Studies, Department of Entrepreneurship Education and Department of Innovation and Technology Education have specially been set up for catering for the needs of students in all aspects.  Teachers’ biography will be shown on the official website of TKHC later.