(1) General Information
  • Grades 7 and 8 will be open in August 2020.

  • Class Size: a maximum of 28 students in each class

  • Students will be divided into small groups while attending English Language lessons.

  • TKHC does not participate in the Government’s Form 1 Secondary School Place Allocation (SSPA) System, TKHC admits students directly that places will be offered to eligible applicants who can meet the admission requirements fully.

  • Prior to making an application to join TKHC, parents of applicants are required to agree with all the terms and conditions stated in this set of Important Notes for Admissions. School places will only be given to students and parents who are able to perform the following:

    – Students must join all school activities and camps, e.g. Summer Bridging Course for Grade 7, Assemblies, Discovery Camps, Service Trips, etc.

    – All students need to prepare a MacBook for daily lessons.

    – Students must wear the prescribed school uniform. Any modifications to the school uniform, including additions or removal that may draw attention to faith-based differences, are not permitted.

    – Parents must settle tuition fees via Direct Debit. TKHC reserves the right to deregister students and ask him / her to withdraw if the tuition fees are not settled duly.

(2) Choice of Chinese Language Programme
  • TKHC offers the following Chinese Language options:

    Local Chinese

    IGCSE Chinese

  • Local Chinese is designed for students who have studied the regular local Chinese Language curriculum for 6 years or more in primary school while IGCSE Chinese is designed for non-local students or students who have limited Chinese Language learning background.

  • All students must study one of these Chinese Language Programmes from Grade 7 to 10. The choice of programme shall be indicated while making the admission application and will be confirmed at the interview.
(3) Application Fee & Tuition Fees in 2020-2021
  • No application fee will be collected until the school registration is approved.

  • TKHC resists the introduction of a capital levy and debenture scheme.

  • Proposed annual tuition fees to be collected in 11 instalments from September 2020 to July 2021 (subject to the approval of the Education Bureau):

  • – Grades 7 & 8 (Secondary 1 & 2): HKD$11,800 per month (HKD$129,800 per year)

  • Composition fee of HKD$11,000 per year will also be collected in 2 instalments from each student. 50% of it will be settled at student registration and the remaining 50% will be collected in early February 2021.

  • Since the collection of tuition fees is one of the main sources of income for TKHC and such funds are needed to support our daily operation, parents are expected to be responsible and ensure that tuition fees are settled in a timely manner.

  • Tuition fees must be collected via Direct Debit between the first and the fifth day of each calendar month from parents’ designated local bank accounts.

  • The Direct Debit Authorization Form must be submitted to TKHC by the time when the student is officially registered.

  • 3% of the monthly tuition fee will be charged for the administration fee if it is not paid via Direct Debit.

  • If the tuition fee is not settled duly, a reminder will be issued by phone or email and a written letter will be sent to the parents concerned. If the tuition fee is overdue for more than 30 days, TKHC will have no choice but to consider terminating the school place and offering it to an applicant on the waiting list.

  • Deduction of Tuition Fees:

    – If 2 siblings are St. Hilary’s students, each of them can enjoy a deduction of 10%  of the monthly tuition fee.

    – A deduction of 15% of the monthly tuition fee will be offered to each of them if 3 or more siblings are St. Hilary’s students.

(4) Making an Application
  • To apply for a school place,

    – parents should submit the admission application online on or before 15 July 2020 (Wednesday); and

    – applicants will be invited to interviews within two weeks upon the application submission.

    – Eligibility for Admissions (students who can meet the requirements below will be considered):

    – Holder of a Hong Kong Identity Card (HKID) or a foreign passport;

    – With good conduct;

    – Perform well academically and / or in extra-curricular activities;

    – Pass the written tests (Chinese, English, Mathematics) and the interview.

    – Weightings of various factors are as follows:

    Factor Weighting
    Academic results of the last two years 10%
    Interview performance 30%
    Results of admission written tests 30%
    Conduct or other comments from previous school(s) 20%
    Participation in extra-curricular activities and social events, including any public examinations and awards (if any) 10%
(5) Announcement of Results & Student Registration
  • Results will be announced via email within one week upon the completion of interview.

  • To accept the offer, a non-refundable and non-transferable registration fee
    must be paid within the student registration period.

  • The registration fee will be offset against the tuition fee for September 2020.

  • All parents / guardians will be asked sign an Enrollment Agreement. In addition, parents / guardians of successful Grade 7 applicants will be asked to sign an undertaking to declare that their children will not participate in the Secondary School Place Allocation (SSPA) System.
(6) Personal Data Collection

    All personal information provided will only be used for admission related purposes and will be treated in strict confidence. Documents will not be returned to applicants (if any). The personal information of unsuccessful applicants will be destroyed after one year.
(7) Contact Us
  • Should you have any inquiries, please contact our school office at 2338 9186.